Pets Republic was established in 2017 with the aim of providing the best quality food items that your pet can ever want. We are a company that deals in high quality food products for your dog or cat. The objective and motivation behind our philosophy of becoming a pet food provider is to provide the best diet for pets, that they themselves may never be able to acquire. Pets all over the world die because of malnutrition as a result of improper diet. A variety in the diet of pets fulfills the nutrient deficiency that is caused by a monotonous diet. So here at pets Republic we are concerned about your pet!

What have we been doing?

Pets Republic is very active in organizing:

  • Pet health awareness campaigns
  • Free Checkups for pet animals
  • Fun activities and Expos for pets


Every now and then Pets Republic has given informational sessions on breeds of German Shepherd Dogs and their genetics. We focus on different activities where the dog trainers with their dogs participate to give them a sense of love and excitement.

We have continually sponsored events that served as a timeout for the pets and the trainers from their routines. This is because we believe such events serve as mental health stimulation for the pet and serve as a great relationship building mechanism between the dog and the owner. An unhappy pet, according to research is likely to die earlier than an overjoyed pet.