Kitten Cat


WINNER PLUS Kittencat is a highly energetic feed, enriched with proteins, ideal for kittens during every stage of their growth and suitable for females during gestation and nursing period. The tasty, easily digestible and nourishing formula of selected raw materials, such as high-quality chicken meat, guarantees healthy and balanced nutrition during growth with the best acceptance. Dietary plant fibers favor the balance of the intestinal flora counteracting the formation of hairballs. Fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, contained in the salmon (from resource-gentle aquaculture), ensure a healthy skin and a shiny coat. Made without: GMO, soy, corn, aroma, eggs, dairy products, chemical color, flavoring substances and cereals containing gluten. WINNER PLUS Kittencat provides your kitten with all necessary nutrients, thus ensuring healthy growth.

Feeding Instructions


Age in months / Daily feeding guide per 1  kg body weight

2 months / 50 g per 1 kg

3 months / 45 g per 1 kg

4 months / 40 g per 1 kg

5 months / 35 g per 1 kg

6 months / 30 g per 1 kg

7 - 12 months / 20 - 30 g  per 1 kg