Puppy Starter 18kg


WINNER PLUS PUPPY STARTER is a natural and gluten free complete feed, which is specially adjusted to the needs of puppies of all breeds at the age of 3rd to 4th week to the 4th to 5th month of life (depending on the size of the breed) as well as for pregnant and nursing bitches. It provides the necessary quantity and composition of nutrients for an optimal growth, healthy skeletal development and a powerful muscle structure.

WINNER PLUS PUPPY Starter is a nutritious and balanced food, vitamin and mineral enriched, suited for weaned puppies of all breeds and for females during gestation period and nursing of puppies. Highly appetizing, important protein supplier, easily digestible thanks to the high content of poultry meat, carefully processed as done with human food quality, makes this product a unique food in its gender.

Feeding Instructions

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