Winner Plus Ocean


WINNER PLUS PROFESSIONAL PREMIUM OCEAN is a well-proven diet in breeders' circles – with valuable salmon, for adult dogs of all breeds. Also ideal for overweight and older dogs. • PROFESSIONAL PREMIUM: Breeder line in the best quality and for all breeds • Proven in breeder circles, recommended by well-known breeders • Low protein and fat content – also suitable for older and overweight dogs • Salmon and white chicken and rice of the highest quality ensure good digestibility • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from salmon ensure healthy skin and a shiny coat •

Contains choline chloride to protect the organs • With natural inulin from the chicory (Cichorium intybus) • High acceptance and best digestibility • No processing of soy, wheat, Egg Powder and Dairy Products • No chemical flavoring, coloring and preservatives • Preserved with vitamin E derived from natural resources • Research and development guaranteed without testing animals WINNER PLUS PROFESSIONAL PREMIUM OCEAN is a full-fat formula for adult dogs of all breeds designed specifically for breeders.

Feeding Instructions

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